SOYBEAN Gmo Non GMO oil meal

Shoushee Wholesale proudly presents itself as a leading SOYBEAN exporter of premium quality Gmo Non GMO oil meal Grade9, SOYBEAN 13.5kg and 18kg packed and shipped. With authentic quality of goods as per the requirements packing and delivery, our products are a major hit in Iran Iraq Saudi Arabia Oman as of today.
What makes us the best in the SOYBEAN export business?
  • Our harvested goods are produced by maintaining highest quality.
  • SOYBEAN offered by us includes Gmo Non GMO oil meal.
  • We supply to six continents covering the major market of China Mena and Europe.
  • Products are packed according to the requirements and procedures.
  • All products are properly quality checked.
We ensure to offer the finest quality packed with the help of experts that use latest machinery and technology.

We work with experts with latest machinery and technology who help to produce finest quality. REACH compliant chemicals are used by our experts and we make sure to follow the Strict Health and Safety Norms.

Regular audits take place by both the company’s auditors and external experienced service partners to ensure the compliance of standards. We promise to export the best SOYBEAN goods keeping in mind the safety standards for a hazard free environment.