Non-Basmati Rice

Any type of rice that does not fall into the category of basmati rice is non-basmati rice. According to the reports, most rice varieties are found in India. Basmati rice accounts for only 1% of total rice production in India.
Non-basmati rice is available in all types of different shapes and sizes. Some of these rice are long and slender, round and thick and you will also find some rice that are short and thick. It is not possible to find rice with the same characteristic of basmati rice. Some of the non-basmati rice- PR11, PR 14, PR 106, IR 64, IR8, IR14, IR 64, Sona Masuri, etc. Packing

Packing Bags - 40, 25, 20, 10, 5, 1 Kg Jute bag / Non woven bag / PP bag / Poly bag / ;BOPP bag