Moringa Seeds

Moringa Oleifera is a tree that is used for various applications such as food, health care, agriculture, personal care, water purification, to name a few. It is easily adaptable to different regions and conditions. It is drought resistant and grows even in infertile soil. Moringa Oleifera seeds, oil and powder are widely used for multiple purposes. Its leaves and fresh pods are used in the Indian subcontinent as the main vegetable food. Oil is derived from its seeds by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans for making perfumes and skin care products. Wholesale is one of the leading suppliers of Moringa Seeds in India. We also export other Moringa products like Moringa powder and Moringa oil. Moringa seeds contain a large amount of protein and they are present inside the Moringa Pods. These seeds are round shapes and are used for so many purposes such as herbal remedies, industrial and agriculture usage, medical purposes, etc.

Advantages of Moringa Seeds-
  • Moringa seeds have been used to make Ayurveda medicine and also for health improvement of patients.
  • These seeds contain antibiotics, which can be used in many medicines.
  • It prevents infection by bacteria and also helps in other skin diseases.
  • It is suggested that daily intake of Moringa seeds are beneficial for reducing the occurrence of epileptic fits. They are also known for treating rheumatoid and arthritis.
  • To increase the production results when it comes to agriculture, defatted Moringa seeds are used fertilizers leading to the enrichment of soil and crops.