Moringa Oil

Moringa oil is obtained from the Moringa Oleifera Tree; its seeds are pressed to derive the oil. This tree is found in countries like India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. It holds a lot of importance in many regions and it is used in so many ways most importantly medicinal preparation.
Moringa oil is mainly collected by solvent extraction and cold-pressing process. Moringa oil is a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, Palmitoleic, Oleic and Linoleic acids, etc. This oil has highly moisturising and nourishing quality and it is outstanding nutritious for the skin.

Benefits of Moringa Oil
  • Moringa oil is great for the skin as it can retain skin moisture and prevent inflammation. It helps in unblocking the moisturising properties of the skin.
  • It is a purifying substance that helps in protecting the skin from the allergenic environment. Behenic acid is present in the oil that prevents skin from damage.
  • It is good for healing wounds, bruises or scrapes. The oil has properties that can protect the wound from getting infected and it also stimulates blood flow.
  • Enriched with vitamin C and Vitamin E, Moringa oil helps protect organs from excess strain and inflammation. These nutrients also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
  • Stomach aches and ulcers can be cured with Moringa oil. It is used in their treatments as it can balance bacterial levels, improves digestion and soothe inflammation in the guts.
  • The sleeping problem can be cured with Moringa oil. It has soothing properties like the behenic acid that can relax the body and other compounds that promote calmness.
  • Moringa oil helps prevent hair loss because of the emollient and antibacterial properties that protect the scalp by eliminating dandruff and keeping it moisturised.